Around the (Hockey) World in 80 seconds

As the season quickly approaches, I’ve been reading a lot of European hockey sites to see where former Admirals have gone to play overseas. Although it was just research for a different article, I thought that some of the teams and logos across the pond were too funny that it would be criminal not to share. And please, crowd participation please. If you have a contribution, please, errr, contribute!

Grizzly Adams EHC Wolfsburg, DEL [Germany]

Located in north-central Germany in the vicinity of a bear park, the Grizzly Adams EHC Wolfsburg is named after famed American outdoorsman slash bear enthusiast James “Grizzly” Adams. Their mascot is a bear (yes, I know, shocking) named Ben, which is the name of the actual Grizzly Adams bear. Former Admiral (2007-08) John Laliberte has spent the last two seasons with the club.

Schwenninger Wild Wings, Bundesliga [Germany]

Another gem out of Germany. Wild Wings sounds like it could be a hockey team…until I see the logo… IS THAT A SWAN? I wasn’t sure if I stumbled upon an insurance company’s website by mistake…

Eishockey Club Olten, NLB (Switzerland)

Olten EHC made the list purely on the basis of their logo. An evil cartoon mouse that may, in fact, have been drawn right around when the team was concieved (which according to trusted fact source Wikipedia was 1934). I couldn’t find any former Admirals on their recent squads, but I did find Marty Sertich. Ads fans may remember him as the scrappy little winger who spent two seasons with the Iowa Stars (2006-08).

KEV Pinguine Eishockey, DEL (Germany)

No comment. I mean, really, what can I even say about this. I will, however, say that former Houston Aeros/Manitoba Moose  Nycholat defensemen  Lawrence Nycholat and Hamilton Bulldogs center Duncan Milroy are both slated to play for Krefeld for the 2011-12 season.

HC Sparta Praha, Extraliga (Czech)

10 points for creativity! It must have taken ages to think of such an out-of-the-box concept! I think more impressive about this team is the fact you can buy HC Sparta Praha branded colored pencils, markers and folders on their website! Hello, back to school!

And last, but certainly not least…

Turun Palloseura TPS, SM-liiga (Finland)

Kimmo Timonen, brothers Saku and Mikko Koivu, Antero Niittymaki, Miikka Kiprusoff… Those are just a few big names that have played for TPS. A rich history of NHL and World Cup hockey excellence deserves only the finest of logos, which is probably why they HAVE A BASKETBALL AS A LOGO. Really, Finland? I’m pretty sure that round thing in your logo is the universal symbol for basketball. Or a beach ball I suppose… But really…

ALERT! ALERT! Anthony Russell, aka the biggest hockey fan in all of Great Britain, as posted on my twitter that that in fact is not a basketball (or tetherball…), it’s a soccer ball:

@84arussell TPS’s logo is a soccer ball. TPS is a sports club that started as a football team in 1922, they started a hockey side in 1929

I think we can collectively agree that it is WAY more funny to assume that is a basketball though…

In the next few days I’ll be posting my article that was the start of finding all these visual gems in the first place. Until then, here is blog post I read a while back from James Mirtle entitled “The Worst Hockey Logos of All Time” that include some oldies but goodies from around North America in case that Penguin listed above wasn’t enough for you…

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9 responses to “Around the (Hockey) World in 80 seconds

  1. German drunk penguins are not frightening, I feel like Stanford is launching a lawsuit,swans and hockey is like n.y.strip and ketchup, and don’t get me started on the teatherball! However, I kinda dig the mouse! (Or yea, and the editor is cute;))

  2. The mouse is creepy in a good way, penguin looks like he left Oktoberfest, Syracuse Stanford And N.C. St. are just shaking their heads, and I’m not touching teatherball!

  3. The mouse, personally, looks like one of the bosses from Super Mario Bros. 2

  4. The cartoonish 50′s style mouse and penguin are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than the swan.

    Who designed that deal, Martha Stewart?

    I find the Grizzly Addams team name hilarious. He probably grew up loving that show in Europe and said to himself, “One day when I get rich, I’m gonna buy a hockey team and name it after the most awesome tv show ever!”

    • LOL that swan is completely ridiculous! I’m not even sure Martha Stewart would consider that “a good thing”! Grizzly Adams stole my heart, but the other ones, yeesh! Germany and Finland led the pack in awkward logos, that’s for sure!

  5. That penguin sure is ugly… the internet gives some info on that “swan-thingy”: the hockey club is located in the city of Schwenningen and the swan is also the city coat of arms Founded in 1904? Wow, they go way back. BTW: This is also Dennis Seidenberg’s (Boston Bruins) hometown The Germans really do have some creepy logos – check out this one (the name isn’t correct English either, wonder if they did this on purpose lol)

  6. lol Looks like a coyote on LSD…

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