Penguins fans, Capitals fans…Can’t we all just get along?

It was hard to make out what Capitals coach Bruce Boudreau was saying when this picture was taken, but I'm pretty sure that I nailed it right on the head...

Today was an epic day in my world, as I finally went over to AT&T and ordered my iPhone 4S (Hey, I’m a graphic designed by trade, It’s my nature to be an Apple nerd). After a 10 minute debate with myself on whether to get the black or white iPhone, I went up to the counter with the sales guy and his side kick to get the ball rolling. He asked me a couple standard questions, you know, whats your phone number, can you confirm your address, so on and so forth. Then he informed me that my address falls within AT&T U-verse coverage, when I politely said NO THANK YOU, they do not have Center Ice so that won’t be happening anytime soon. He then points to the sales guy behind him and says he’s a huge hockey fan. My automatic response is “Oh sweet! Who is your favorite team?”

Then it happens.

“Washington Capitals”

And then this happened:

It’s not like I thought he was going to go into a schpeel about how much he loves the Florida Panthers, or that he bleeds Senators black and red, but really? The Capitals?! WHY?!

I love the Nashville Predators, but I grew up a Penguins fan. Everyone’s knee-jerk reaction to hearing I’m a Pens fan is “ouhhh Sidney Crosby” (unless you are Sutty from Admirals Roundtable, then it’s Cindy Crysby…ugh), but let me refer you back to a heartfelt article from back in July about how my beloved Jaromir Jagr broke my heart. It just baffles me that whenever my love for the Penguins comes up, I found out the other person in the conversation is a Capitals fan!

My best friend Will Durkee is a Capitals fan. Fine, he’s from Maryland. Ryan Miller, the other half of Admirals Roundtable, is from Maryland, I get it. HOWEVER, the rest of you? What’s the deal?

Back to the situation at the cell phone store. As soon as he said he was a Caps fan, I asked where the nearest AT&T store was because I was not about to do business with a Capitals fan! And as soon as I showed him the background on my phone was a Penguins logo, he looked like he was about to lose his dinner. All sarcastic of course, but still. Why is it that Pens fans and Caps fans have such an absolute distaste for each other?

I’ve heard many reasons for the hate in my past arguments. My personal favorite is that it was a Gary Bettman conspiracy that got the Penguins their Stanley Cup. Or there is always the “Ovechkin is a spineless coward slash Russian mobster” arguement. While googling the subject for answers, I ran across an interesting blog by Jamie Mottram entitled “5 Reasons We Hate the Penguins“. As a Pens fan, it made me smirk, but it paints a picture of why they hate on my beloved Penguins (although I’m sure Will, Ryan and Sutty could give me other reasons…).

The two rivals did team up for a good cause last month, auctioning off jerseys with the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl patches to commemorate those killed in the Lokomotiv plane crash during the Caps @ Pens game on October 13th. Proof that the two teams can come together without ripping each others heads off for a good cause.

In any case, I did buy my phone from the Caps fan and left with a smile on my face. And I checked my receipt after I left and he didn’t double charge me since I was a Pens fan. Maybe the red and blue can get along with the black and gold after all, right?

Well, maybe, but only until December 1st. I guarantee there will be no holiday cheer when the Penguins head to the Capitals house, that’s for sure…

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One response to “Penguins fans, Capitals fans…Can’t we all just get along?

  1. I’m ecstatic that you mention me in here! But no, we won’t get along unless there’s life-long ties outside of hockey that keeps us together. Family, life-long friends, etc.

    I still think we’ll be in wheel chairs 50 years from now beating each other with canes, wearing our own jersey, and trash talking :)

    The Sid vs Ovi thing I don’t like, because there’s 19 guys on both teams involved too, but it is great to pick on the crybaby.

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