2012 Top Seven Gifts for the Hockey Lover in Your Life

Ahh yes. Here we are again. I’ve set up shop at the Starbucks near my work, and have been refreshing some of the graphic content on all my hockey pages. Twitter was first in line for an update, and now today it was the sites turn. I find it hilarious that I am doing graphic design work before going to my day job as a graphic designer… Nothing like bangin’ away at Adobe creative suite for 11 hours!

And in today’s NHL news, wait … there is none. Moving on.

Every year, I do a much-anticipated post on “unique” gift (I use the term unique loosely) for that special hockey fan in your life. Instead of waking up at an ungodly hour to fight your way through crowds to fight over the last pair of $15 Ugg Boots until you are a bruised and bloodied mess, check out my list of the 2012 Seven Best (and by best I mean hilarious, lame and insane) Gifts for Hockey Fans.

1. NEXT QUESTION T-shirt by Tarnation! Sports – Nothing says “Happy Holidays” quite like Rangers coach John Tortorella and his infamous “next question” press conferences. To take your gift to the next level of awesome, burn a cd of DJ Steve Porters Next Question remix. It really is the gift that keeps on giving…. Next Question tee, tarnationsports.com, $19.99

2. Photo Hockey Bobblehead by bobbleheadawards.com – Really? This gift definitely falls under the subheading of “lame”, but hey, perhaps you have someone special that would just love to wake up to your bobbling face on Christmas morning. For just $9.95, a lucky soul can get a bobblehead with the face of your choosing. BUT WAIT, if you have 12-35 friends and family members that you need to get gifts for, take advantage of quantity pricing at just $8.96 a pop! Imagine it, 35 Steff Muraro bobbleheads under the tree! Photo Hockey Bobble Head, bobbleheadawards.com, $9.95

3. Krefeld Pinguine Fanhut - As a graphic designer, I appreciate the diverse world of sports team logos. The logo for Krefeld Pinguine of the DEL takes the cake for most awesome and wins the award for most 1970′s-inspirted logo ever. How can the hockey fan in your life not love this little pinguine wearing skates that look more like elf shoes that a pair of Reeboks. One of the skates even appears to be equipped with an ice pick. My favorite gift from the teams online store? This giant plush top hat. Not only is it amazing, but it’ll draw a few giggles when you show up to the Bradley Center wearing it. If not giggles, definitely a few groans and shouts from the people behind you telling you DOWN IN FRONT…

4. The Hockey Shirt - Our economy may be tanking, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring out something fancy to attend a hockey game! Glassbangers.com offers a lovely replacement for the traditional $200 hockey jersey. And the fact that it is black makes it a much classier choice than some silly Minnesota Wild jersey… The Hockey Shirt, glassbangers.com, $19.95

5. WTF T-Shirt – Glassbangers.com has another absolute gem for sale, but this one is much more appropriate in regards to the current fiddling around the NHL and NHLPA are doing. What better way to bring a family together than a mutual distaste for the lock out. WTF T-Shirt, glassbangers.com, $19.95

6. LOOK AND FEEL Canadian Breath Spray – Okay, this isn’t hockey related, but I couldn’t bear to leave this off the list. I can’t think of a witty comment that would do such a fine product justice… so I’ll just let the link speak for itself… Look and Feel Canadian Breath Spray, perpetualkid.com, $5.99

7. Hockey GLOW Adult Matching Footed Pajamas – Last, but CERTAINLY not least are these hot-of-the runway footed jam jams. Your family and friends will keep warm while watching reruns of the 1998 Stanley Cup finals for the umpteenth time in these uber fashionable adult onesies! And why confine such style to the couch? I suggest wearing them to a hockey game to really impress the folks in your section. An outfit like that? That’s dedication my friend. Hockey Glow Adult Matching Footed Pajamas, snugasabug.com, $69.95

Got a gift that is worthy of making an appearance on the list? Let’s hear it!

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  1. Good one!


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