With a depleted roster, the Admirals look to add firepower with Hamill and… Rask?

With the regular season winding down and injuries plaguing both the Admirals and parent Predators rosters, it’s all hands on deck to get a spot in the AHL post-season. And by the term “all”, I mean “some”, because seriously, are there even enough players on the roster to fill the bench?

So maybe that was a bit dramatic, but one thing we can all agree on is that the Admirals are missing some of their key players. In just the past week or so alone, the Admirals have lost the following players:

Chris Mueller (C) – recalled by NSH

Victor Bartley (D) – recalled by NSH

Taylor Beck (RW) – recalled by NSH

Michael Latta (C) – recalled to be traded to WAS, now playing for Hershey

Austin Watson (C) – recalled by NSH

Daniel Bang (RW) – recalled by NSH

This doesn’t include the injuries that have also hit the Admirals roster. Forward Kevin Henderson and G Jeremy Smith are also out with injury. Oi.

Enter Zach Hamill… and Joonas Rask?

download-1If you’re a Providence Bruins fan (which I’m guessing you are not, but hey, if you are, awesome!), you’ll know exactly who Zach Hamill is. He spent five seasons with the Bruins organization, including two trips to the post-season. This year, he’s played with both Hershey and San Antonio. He has played in 19 NHL games with the Boston Bruins, whom of which drafted him 8th overall in the 2007 NHL Draft, but didn’t earn call-ups during his stints with the Bears and Rampage.

joonas_rask_jokeritAnd here’s something I didn’t think I’d ever say… we have ourselves a second Joonas! You can no longer yell ‘JOONAS’ in the locker room without accompanying it with a last name. This particular Joonas is a forward is the younger brother of NHL goaltender Tuukka Rask. Like Joonas #1, Joonas #2 is from Finland and hails from Finland’s SM-liiga. Rask has spent the 2012-2013 season with Jokerit, prior to which he played with Ilves (which brother Tuukka also played for). I feel like this has turned into a version of 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon, because I could link Tuukka, who is the goaltender for the Boston Bruins, back to Hamill because… well… you get the idea.

I digress. Rask was picked #198 overall (round 7) by Nashville in the 2010 NHL Draft. According to his scouting report on eliteprospects.com:


Useful on the PP and PK? Like! Not very good physically? We’ll see about that…

Hamill is slated to wear #17 (Latta’s number… I guess it works, he did spend half the season with Hershey so in a weird way I’m fine with it), but alas, Joonas is numberless for the time being.

I’m excited to see the new additions to the roster, but I hope there is chemistry on the new lines. Hamill is on his third AHL team of the season, so I think he’ll adapt pretty quick. This, however, is Rask’s North American debut. Concerned? Yes. Interested? Definitely.


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4 responses to “With a depleted roster, the Admirals look to add firepower with Hamill and… Rask?

  1. Big Joonas Rask fan here. I’m super excited to see the guy make his American debut and yall definitely should too. It will take him a while to adjust but he has played on a major scale before, such as in World Juniors, and he did pretty well there. Don’t think he’s a top line player though and he’s not very fast.
    On Hamills end, well he seems to be fitting well, but he had such a bad rep in Prov and Hershey. Hoping he helps you guys out but I’m not sure.

    • What intrigued me about Rask is that he has a good reputation on special teams. Although we’ve improved in recent games, Milwaukee hasn’t had a stellar power-play or penalty kill this season. With so many holes in the lineup, it’ll be interesting to see how he contributes. Some European players say that the biggest challenge adjusting to the North American game is that it is faster, so if speed is an issue with him he may need the remainder of the season to just figure out the tempo of the games here. He’s kind of a wild card at this point, but nonetheless I’m excited to see him.
      I’ve got to ask… what is Hamill’s reputation in Providence? He was with the Bruins for so long i would’ve thought he had a statue erected in his honor! Well maybe that’s going to far… but you get the point. Sometimes a change of scenery does a player good, so maybe he’ll work out here for the time being.

      • The sloth didn’t do that well with us in Prov and it became a big joke. He couldn’t handle NHL callups either. It was just funny because we drafted him so high

      • So no statue, but an awesome nick name… I think every organization has a first-rounder that didn’t quite pan out as expected. I’m pretty sure he’s just here for the time being, so hopefully he’ll be an asset as we try and secure a spot in the post-season. Tonight will be the first time I see him play, so I’ll let you know if i see him hanging from any trees in the atrium…

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