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Memories of hockey hardware and award seasons’ past….

Eric and I watched the WCHA championship last night (in case you missed it, North Dakota completely obliterated Denver 4-0). After the final horn blew, they brought out the Broadmoor trophy and awarded it to the Fighting Sioux. Before captain Mario Lamauroux hoisted ol’ Broadmoor into the air…I CRINGED.


I had a flashback to 2008 when the coveted Memorial Cup busted in half in the hands of WHL Spokane Chiefs captain Chris Bruton after the team defeated the OHL Kitchener Rangers 4-1.

Granted that trophy was just a replica, as the real trophy resides safely at the Hockey Hall of Fame, but still…

Speaking of busted hardware, Canucks forward Daniel Sedin was on the receiving end of a broken trophy this past summer. He won the Ted Lindsay award during the NHL Award show in late June, but unfortunately, the trophy’s crowning jewel (a hockey player), had his stick broken somewhere between last years recipient Alex Ovechkin and the awards stage. Gold stars and brownie points to Sedin, who cleverly held the trophy together in the post-show picture.

I’m happy to report the Broadmoor didn’t suffer any structural damage last night, and here’s to hoping the rest of the trophies around the world of hockey remain in tact as the are raised in the coming months!

On a side note, yes, I know, I’ve been sparse lately. My big girl job has kept me quite busy, including a trip to Florida earlier in the week. Scouts honor that I’ll commence posting regularly this week. As a token of my appreciation for your patience, I snapped a picture this excellent public service message from the American Hotel and Lodging Association that played every time I turned the TV on in my hotel room. A great message made even greater by the fact the woman is wearing a shoulder-padded power suit on a Life Touch background from 1982.